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One School,

Multiple Locations: Indiana, Ohio, New York, Georgia

“Chaplains Serving with Compassion”




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The Chaplaincy Training Institute (CTI) is a certified, licensed vocational institution designed to train men and women in the service of being a chaplain, how to be effective in the role, the challenges, the benefits, and overall chaplaincy in today's society. No matter what type of chaplain you might be considering, CTI's goal is to fully prepare you for the call!


Whether you're looking to be a chaplain or want to expand your knowledge in serving your community, gain a greater understanding by networking with current chaplains and people working in ministry on all levels.

CTI Classes Offered

I. Chaplaincy 101:

Introduction to Chaplaincy Training

Material: Book, “The Theology of Chaplaincy in Modern Society” 

Sub-topic: “Chaplaincy: A Type of Pastorate” 

II. Chaplaincy 102:

Law Enforcement Chaplaincy

Material: Book, “Chaplaincy in Law Enforcement” (What It Is and How to Do It) 

III. Chaplaincy 103:

Material: Book 1, “Emotional Survival For Law Enforcement” 

Book 2, “Death, Dying, Grief & Funerals” 

IV. Advanced Class for Credentialing: Hypervigilance and Grief

First Aid/CPR, PTSD

(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Credentialing includes: Certification, Licensing Identification and Badging


Chaplaincy 101, 102, 103
Pre-Registration Fee: $100.00 per class
Registration Fee: $125.00 per class

Advanced Class Fee
Pre-Registration Fee: $300.00 per class
Regular Registration Fee: $400.00 per class

NOTE: Advanced Class scheduling and official commencement ceremonies occur twice per year, and may vary by state.

Students who take all four classes, complete all required assignments, and provide all required documentation will be certified as chaplains under the CTI program. Scheduling of classes and commencement ceremonies may vary by state.


Official commencement ceremonies for all qualifying chaplain graduates occur twice per year. Upon graduation, chaplains will receive official certification, licensing identification, and a personalized chaplain badge. Contact your State Director for specific dates and scheduling of classes.


CTI is an excellent program for anyone wishing to be a chaplain, especially for those who are not chaplains already. It is the only chaplaincy training institution in Indianapolis and one of only a few chaplaincy schools across the USA.



Chaplaincy Training Institute (CTI), Established 2017


Mission Statement - "Training Christ-centered Chaplains to Serve with Compassion, Integrity

and Dignity"


Vision Statement - "Christian Chaplains bringing CHRIST to every Crisis" 


Chaplaincy Training Institute STAFF

Executive Team

Dr. Wynne D. Berry, Sr.  Th.D, D.D.
Founder, President,
Lead Instructor
DeJuan Foster
Dr. Sunday
Executive Assistant
LaQuisha Glasco

Advisory Board

Dr. Carl Thompson
Pastor Vincent Ash, Sr.

Chaplaincy Training Institute

Chaplaincy Training Institute


The Father's Heart Ministries

4560 Knolton Rd.

Indianapolis, Indiana 46228

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