Kingdom Destiny School of Ministry

Advanced Class


Course Outline and Description


Fall Session

  1. The Master Plan of Evangelism ABS 120 – This class will introduce a pattern set by Jesus and His disciples. Students will be able to understand how our course of action fits into God’s overall plan for the Great Commission.


  1. The Preacher and Preaching ABS 130 - This class teaches how to study and learn the skills necessary for effective preaching.  The class outlines qualifications of the preacher, the preachers call, the necessity for preaching, the sermon and its structure, types of sermons, preparation for sermons, and delivery of the sermon.



Winter Session

  1. The Pauline Theology ABS 200 – In this lesson we will study the Apostle Paul’s Theology which is his thoughts concerning certain aspects of human life and experiences. This lesson lists Paul’s heritage, the subjects of righteousness, the law, the Gentiles, sin, slavery and death, and Paul’s understanding of Christ.


Spring Session

Systematic Theology ABS 210–  This class will serve as a reference aid for students of the scriptures. There is an introduction to the nature, necessity, possibility, and divisions of the theology. Students will learn Theism (the definition and existence of God), Bibliology (the genuineness credibility, and canonicity of the books of the Bible), Theology (the nature, decrees, and works of God). Anthropology (the origin, nature, fall, and classification of the angels), Soteriology, (which is the theology dealing with salvation, especially as effected by Jesus Christ.) and Ecclesiology (the importance of the 2nd coming of Christ).